Music Theory and Aural Skills

Have you ever wondered what makes a musical moment exciting or poignant?  Music theory provides the tools to understand the basics of music and explore how a piece is constructed.  A performer who understands theory becomes a more expressive musician; phrasing, dynamics, and other expressive elements are tied to a composition’s architecture.  Music theory can also aid in memorization; rather than memorizing a large number of unrelated notes, one begins to visually and aurally recognize melodic patterns, chords, or harmonic progressions.

The Academy offers customized theory and aural skills lessons for interested Academy students of any age or level. Introductory theory is appropriate for youth or adults. 

Lessons are tailored to accommodate students who wish to complement their performance lessons with a deeper understanding of theory, students who are preparing for international assessments or for students who are preparing to study music in college. 

Theory and aural skills are taught by Ann Boekman, Lawrence Conseratory instructor of theary, aural skills and basic keyboard skills.


Private theory lessons will be available for the fall.

*Students are welcome to register for both sessions each semester

Ann Boeckman

Conservatory West Conference Room- 313 W. College Ave, Appleton

30 minute lessons- Thursday evenings-time arranged with instructor




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