Band Camp

This residential camp is for middle school and high school wind and percussion instrumentalists. Students perform in a band, study with faculty from the Lawrence Academy of Music and Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, attend concerts and recitals, and enjoy recreational activities on campus.

A day at camp includes two band rehearsals, a music theory, small group instruction, an arts-related class (in the past beginning guitar, composition, instant musical theatre, jazz ensemble and world dance were offered), a rehearsal with the camp choir (instrumentalists are able to sing as well as play) and a recreation period. Students are housed in Lawrence University residence halls, have meals at the Warch Campus Center, and may participate in activities such as swimming, tennis and volleyball, both outdoors and in the Buchanan-Kiewit Wellness Center.

Each evening features a performance: a guest ensemble, recitals, exploration night, and talent night. The Finale Concert in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel on Saturday features all bands and the choir. An auditioned recital of student-prepared solos is presented Thursday evening. 

Parents, teachers, and friends may attend any of the musical performances without charge. 


  • Open to middle and high school wind and percussion students who have played the instrument for at least one year

The institution will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and DPI's Nondiscrimination Provision for all students.

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