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Our new Community page serves as an online bulletin board where you can keep up with our recent activities. Below you'll find a comprehensive list of all the fun and exciting things we're up to at the Academy. Be sure to check back often for updates (updates will also be pushed out to our Facebook page).

Important announcements will still be posted on the Academy homepage, and ensemble-specific announcements will be on their individual webpages.

Academy Projects

  • Learn your teacher's biggest inspiration, ideal travel destination, and more in our Teacher Spotlight.

Teacher Spotlight

  • Lawrence Academy of Music wants to know: What made you fall for music?

Perhaps it was a song, a pop artist, a special memory, a teacher… there’s no wrong answer! Write your answer to the question on a paper leaf at the Academy of Music, and we'll hang it up on the wall for you.

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Academy Notes are emailed out approximately every six weeks to keep those enrolled in our programs (classes, lessons, ensembles, etc.) up-to-date on Academy affairs, including program information and other important announcements.

The Quarter Note is a quarterly newsletter sent out to friends and families of the Academy, including upcoming events and other notes of interest.

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