Video Recordings

Academy concerts and public presentations include musical compositions that are copyright protected. An individual may make a recording for home use only. Many people are not aware that any sharing of video or audio that includes copyright protected materials (i.e. YouTube) is illegal and may have negative consequences for both the Academy and the individual. Sharing of this video also compromises the privacy of our students. Therefore, we respectfully request that Academy families refrain from this practice.

Photography and Publicity

Academy staff often visually records lessons, classes and public occasions. These images as well as information about student, teacher and staff activities are published regularly as part of coverage of the Academy of Music. Publications include print media, such as brochures, advertising, the Academy newsletter and the Academy’s web site. Images and information featuring registered students and staff are considered eligible for publication or public use unless the student (or parent/guardian of students under 18) submits a request for non-use in writing to the Academy of Music office prior to the publication date. Non-disclosure forms are available at the Academy of Music office. Students must complete a new form each year.

Photo Opt Out Form

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