Promptness at lessons and rehearsals is expected. Students who are late for a lesson cannot be guaranteed their full lesson time. Teachers who are tardy for a student’s lesson are required to make up the time by extending past the scheduled lesson time or by arranging to make up the time on another occasion. Ensemble members should pay careful attention to the attendance policy within the ensemble’s handbook. Ensemble and class members may submit an absence using the online form

Missed Lessons

Make-up lessons are given only in cases of illness or family emergency. If a student awakens ill, please contact the teacher by 8 am to notify him/her of that day’s absence. Contact information is provided in the front of your Academy notebook. Teachers are not required to make up lessons without this notice. A student may receive a maximum of two make-up lessons per semester. If a scheduling issue arises due to other activities, family travel, etc, please contact another student in the teacher’s studio to switch lesson times. Teachers are not required to make up lessons missed in these situations. Lessons canceled by teachers or by the Academy will be rescheduled.

Inclement Weather

Severe weather conditions often prompt area schools to close. Academy lessons, classes and ensembles are not automatically canceled because of weather. In the event Academy classes or lessons are canceled, a message will be left on the Academy answering machine and posted to the Academy website. A student’s individual lesson teacher or ensemble coordinator will notify students of cancellations. We encourage families to use their best judgment regarding travel conditions and to let their teacher or ensemble manager and/or the office know if they will not be attending. Ensemble rehearsals canceled due to inclement weather are not made up. Lessons canceled due to inclement weather by Academy teachers will be made up. If a teacher does not cancel lessons due to inclement weather, s/he is not required to make up the lesson for families who choose not to attend.

If the Lawrence University emergency alert system is initiated during a rehearsal or lesson, all Academy students and faculty must follow the university’s emergency protocol. This includes instances of fire, tornado, or other severe storms.

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