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This frivolity is givin' me mal de mer. Steer me path back to the landlubber's page, ye swarthy knaves!

The Mudd Aye-brary has a large collection o' documentaries, popular films, theatrical productions, 'n' more in our library collection, as well as access t' a wide range o' streamin' videos.

Search Video Unbound Parchment

The Mudd Aye-brary subscribes t' th' followin' video unbound parchment. They can be accessed either on campus, or with a current student, auld sea salts or swabbies login.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online: While not an entire video database, this resource contains many "full-length videos providin' in-depth coverage" in th' sciences, arts 'n' humanities.

Blazin' Spectacles Online

These video collections be available on th' plank without a subscription.

Moving Image Archive: A aye-brary o' free movies, films, 'n' videos. This aye-brary contains thousands o' digital movies uploaded by Archive users which range from classic full-length films, t' daily alternative news broadcasts, t' cartoons 'n' concerts. Many o' these videos be available fer free download.

C-SPAN Archives: Records, indexes, 'n' archives o' all C-SPAN programmin' fer historical, educational, research 'n' archival uses.

Free Streaming Video Guide: A nice list o' free video sources, developed by our maties at SUNY New Paltz.

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