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This frivolity is givin' me mal de mer. Steer me path back to the landlubber's page, ye swarthy knaves!


unbound parchment 'n' materials found in th' aye-brary can now be searched from one location! OneSearch searches items that be in th' aye-brary, digital image collections, Lux- th' Lawrence University institutional repository, many o' th' unbound parchment t' which we subscribe, as well as items that can be requested through be ye ill?.

Need some tips? See our OneSearch Tips & Tools posts about searching 'n' adding to e-shelf.

Why should I sign in?

When usin' th' new search, it is highly recommended fer Lawrence deck hands, auld sea salts, 'n' swabbies t' sign in. Signin' in provides access t' content from key unbound parchment that would otherwise be unavailable, such as Web o' Science 'n' Artstor. It also makes th' option t' request items through be ye ill? available. Signin' in also opens up a variety o' aye-brary account options fer our patrons, includin' th' option t' renew items, save searches, add items t' yer e-Shelf folders, place hold requests, 'n' take advantage o' other options from our aye-brary ship's log.

What exactly am I searchin'?


This tab searches both th' contents from th' aye-brary ship's log 'n' unbound parchment. In th' past, th' only way t' search most o' our unbound parchment were bein' by searchin' them one database at a time. OneSearch allows searchin' fer articles 'n' other unbound parchment in one large database, while also searchin' th' aye-brary's holdin's. We do recommend goin' back t' th' individual unbound parchment when doin' advanced research, as more search options be available 'n' additional articles can be found this way.

Aye-brary Catalog

By selectin' this tab, ye'll be searchin' all o' th' resources in th' aye-brary as well as some additional unbound parchment, such as ebooks 'n' government documents. In th' past, this were bein' our Aye-brary Ship's Log, th' aye-brary ship's log search. In addition t' switchin' t' a new way o' searchin', we recently switched t' a different aye-brary ship's log. This switch may change th' way ye search fer aye-brary resources.

Message in a Bottle!

Need help navigatin' th' new way o' searchin'? We're happy t' help! Contact our reference aye-brarians in whichever way ye prefer:

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