Books, both in the reference section and in the circulating collection, are shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification system. This list is a general guide to the classifications used, and where each subject is located in the library.

Call No. Letter & General Subject

Call No. Letters & Selected Specific Subjects

Location in the Mudd Library

A -- General Works   Fourth Floor
  AE general encyclopedias  
  AY almanacs, directories  
B -- Philosophy/Religion   Third Floor
  B philosophy (general)  
  BF psychology  
  BL-BX religion  
  BM Judaism  
  BP Islam  
  BR Christianity  
  BS Bible  
  BX denominations and sects  
C -- Auxiliary Sciences of History   Fourth Floor
  CB history of civilization  
  CS geneology  
  CT general biography  
D -- History (General and World)   Fourth Floor
  D world history  
  DA Great Britain  
  DC France  
  DD-DX other countries and areas  
E -- History of the United States   Fourth Floor
F -- United States Local History, History of Canada, the West Indies, Central & South America   Fourth Floor
G -- Geography   Fourth Floor
  G geography (general)  
  GB physical geography  
  GN anthropology  
  GR folklore  
  GV recreation  
H -- Social Sciences   Fourth Floor
  HA statistics  
  HB-HJ economics  
  HM-HX sociology  
J -- Political Science   Fourth Floor
  JA-JC political science  
  JF constitutional history  
  JK U.S.  
  JS local government  
  JX international law  
K -- Law   Fourth Floor
L -- Education   Fourth Floor
M -- Music    
  M scores Media Center, First Floor
  ML literature Third Floor
  MT musical instruction, study Third Floor
N -- Fine Arts   Third Floor
  NA architecture  
  NB sculpture  
  NC drawing, design  
  ND painting  
  NE-NX other arts  
P -- Language and Literature   Third Floor
  P philology and linguistics  
  PA classical  
  PN literature  
  PQ Romance literature  
  PR English literature  
  PS American literature  

PT Germanic literature

  PZ juvenile literature  
Q -- Science   Third Floor
  QA mathematics  
  QB astronomy  
  QC physics  
  QD chemistry  
  QE geology  
  QH natural history  
  QK botany  
  QL zoology  
  QM human anatomy  
  QP physiology  
  QR microbiology  
R -- Medicine   Third Floor
S -- Agriculture   Third Floor
T -- Technology   Third Floor
  TA general engineering  
  TR photography  
  TS arts and crafts  
  TX home economics  
U -- Military Service   Third Floor
V -- Naval Service   Third Floor
Z -- Bibliography/Library Science   Fourth Floor


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