Students have access to the following features:

  • 50 GB Email quota
  • 25 GB OneDrive: Easy-to-use cloud storage.  Drag files from your computer, tablet, or phone directly into your browser to store them safely in the cloud
  • OFFICE WEB APPS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote)

Additional Capabilities Include:

  • Office Mobile including both iPhone & Android (subscriptions for up to 5 devices),
  • Web Conferencing
  • Audio Calls (Skype-to-phone)

Things to note:

  • Once you graduate or depart from Lawrence you will no longer have access to your Lawrence email account.
  • Once you graduate or depart from Lawrence you will no longer have access to the Office 365 apps or the OneDrive cloud storage.

Accessing Office 365

  1. From your favorite browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge) go to:
  2. Enter your Lawrence (i.e.: and password, click Login

Using webmail


Mobile Devices: Setup for Email/Calendar

NOTE: You MUST delete your existing Lawrence mail account on your mobile device before adding the new one.


Android setup:

  1. Go to Settings - Accounts - Add Account - Email (for newer versions of Android choose Corporate Version)
  2. In the email address field enter your full Lawrence email address
  3. In the password field enter your Lawrence password.
  4. Select Manual Setup - Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  5. In the Domain\Username field enter (\
  6. Reenter Password even if it is already filled.
  7. In the Exchange Server field enter:
  8. Verify that Use SSL is checked, click Next
  9. Select options for the content you’d like to sync, click Next
  10. After naming your account, finish the setup on your account.
  11. You will be warned about the app needing administrator rights on your device.  Select activate to complete the email configuration successfully.

iPad/iPhone setup:

  1. Go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Add Account - Exchange
  2. In the Email field enter: your email address
  3. In the Password field enter: your Lawrnece password, click Next
  4. In the Server field enter:
  5. In the Domain field enter:
  6. In the Username field enter:  (
  7. Skip the Password field if fill out previously, click Next
  8. Select the features you’d like to sync, click Save

Windows Phone/RT:

  1. Go to Mail.
  2. Go to Settings - Accounts - Add an Account
  3. Select Exchange from list.
  4. For the email address field enter your (
  5. For your password enter: enter your Lawrence password.
  6. Click Connect.

Laptop or Desktop: Setup for Email/Calendar:


Apple Mail Instructions (PDF)

Microsoft Exchange Instructions (PDF)

Windows 8 or 8.1 Mail App Instructions (PDF)

Office 365 Apps

Office 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, One Drive, Outlook,Skype for Business) are now available for free to the Lawrence University Community.  Note, the availability of these applications and the OneDrive storage space is contingent on your student enrollment or your employment with Lawrence. When you graduate from Lawrence or end your employment with Lawrence these applications will automatically be removed from your devices AND you will no longer have access to your online Office 365 or the OneDrive cloud storage.

These applications can be installed on up to five devices. To download follow the below steps:

From your computer go to

Login to Office 365. Note your username is different here. you must add the "" to your username. For example




Click the gear icon from the top right corner






Select Office 365 settings from the drop down list

Choose Software form the list

Click Install. This will install the entire Office Suite on your computer.








Click Run when prompted and follow on screen instructions for setting up your applications.

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