Registering gaming consoles (ex. Xbox, PlayStation, Wii) and streaming media players (ex. Apple TV, Roku, smart TVs, most Blu-ray players) may only be used as a wired network connection. If you have such a device which is wireless-connection only, you will NOT be able to use it on our network.

Note: You may need a minihub if you will be connecting more than one device to the wired network.  Minihubs are available for checkout fro m the Technology Services Helpdesk, Library 201.

Students can register up to TWO of these types of devices on the campus network. All devices must be registered via "WIRED" connection. A wireless connection will not work.

  1. Plug your gaming console into the network and turn it on.
  2. From a computer on the student network (not a Lawrence-owned lab computer), access the following link: Register my game console
  3. Follow the instructions on the registration pages
    • Enter your username and network password
    • Enter your  MAC address (ex. 00:00:00:00:00:00) of your game device. This can be found in the system/network setup of your gaming device.
    • Select the type of game device.
    • Click Register.

Note: The following devices must be brought to the Helpdesk to be manually registered. When you bring your device, also bring your power cable and one remote control or controller.

  • Wii (note: you will need a USB to Ethernet cable to connect this type of device to the network)
  • Streaming Media devices (Blue Ray player, Apple TV, Roku 2 thru 4 devices, etc.)

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