Be a member of Lawrence’s team at the Interfaith Youth Core’s Interfaith Leadership Institute Conference in Chicago, IL on August 3-5 and complete a 1 unit tutorial with Linda J. Morgan Clement, Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life.

A Field Experience in Interfaith Dialogue
Info Sessions:
Tuesday, May 1st at 7:00 pm in the Kramer Room (Warch)
Monday, May 7th at 11:30 am in the Schumann Room (Andrew Commons)

 Additional conference information here.
Questions? Email linda.morgan-clement@lawrence.edu

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New this Term

With new ideas continuously emerging in spirituality and/or religion, mindfulness and intentional spirituality can be as dynamic as the people who communicate its meaning.  As a visitor to the Center, at times you may find a new idea practiced in a traditional way, or a steadfast idea that has found a new form and a new audience.  We welcome you to visit this page with earnest and discover something new for yourself. Continue exploring here.

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Special at the Center

An artist or scholar in residence is a gift that the Center for SRL enjoys sharing with the Lawrence community.  A distinguished  alumni speaker or author of note may be featured. Here we can engross ourselves in a chosen special program as we allow this safe space to embody a larger identity of spirituality for a smaller amount of time.  Continue exploring here.

Friday, September 7, 2018

  • First Year Shabbat
    6:30pm Sabin House 113 - Living Room
    Shabbat service for first year Jewish students. This event enhances spiritual and religious life.
  • First Year Shabbat dinner
    7:30pm Sabin House 114 - Community Room
    After services, join fellow first-year Jewish students in this Welcome Week Shabbat at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life This event enhances spiritual and religious life.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

  • Taize Service
    5:00pm Memorial Chapel 103A - Stage
    This Christian service is held by candlelight and is enhanced by singing, silence, chant and prayer. All are welcome. This event enhances spiritual and religious life.

Monday, September 17, 2018

  • Sabin Open House
    5:30pm Sabin House 112 - Meditation Room, Sabin House 114 - Community Room, Sabin House 113 - Living Room, & Sabin House 225 - Group Room
    Visit the Sabin Open House / Center for Spiritual and Religious Life. Take a 10 minute meditation, check out our library, create something new. This event enhances spiritual and religious life.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

  • Open Movement and Music Jam
    3:30pm Warch Campus Center 224 - Esch Hurvis Studio (Esch) & Warch Campus Center 225 - Esch Hurvis Room (Hurvis)
    Come play, dance, and make music! This is a participatory event - join in!! Located in Esch Hurvis, the second floor of Warch Campus Center. (one flight down from the ground floor) Everyone is a dancer, and everyone is a musician. This improvisational movement and music jam is a space to try things out, to practice creating, to practice playing. Everyone is welcome. (all ages, all communities [LU or not], all abilities, all identities.) You decide how you participate in a jam space. You may make sound/music, you may dance, you may bring an instrument, you may rest, you may watch... but don't be surprised if you get pulled in to dance/sound. To start, there will be a brief, physical warm up to the space and each other facilitated by LU dance professor - Margaret Paek. You can come and go as you please during the jam, though you are encouraged and welcome to join the opening and closing circles to process together. This event enhances spiritual and religious life.

Ongoing at the Center

As a display of intentional interfaith expression, the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is home to a number of programs that allow visitors to find or express spirituality in a number of ways. A visitor to the center will not find that faith or religion becomes an obligation as they enter the space, but rather will find both traditional and contemporary ways to express the faith they already hold, or find a new unique expression of their spirituality. 

Ongoing at the center there are a number of options a visitor will find no matter the season or academic term.  Continue exploring here.

Learning and Engaging

The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life regularly attempts to connect the Lawrence University community with a variety of options for expression of faith.  As well as opportunities to learn new information, there are special times with guest speakers, alumni opportunities, retreats, Intersections, or conferences that a visitor can be a part of in expression of faith and spirituality.  Continue exploring here. 


There are many forms and practices for worship. Days of the week vary, styles and practices vary, belief systems vary, and the spiritually minded individual occasionally needs clarification Students at a Taize serviceon where to find a house of worship or the best place to express their faith.  Or, perhaps you have a curiosity about a particular tradition but don't know where to begin?  For specific clarification and worship information, continue exploring here.

Body and Spirit

Spirituality can be more than just going to a particular place on a particular day to express a particular belief.  It is found in the everyday actions of our lives and in the course of choices that we make for ourselves.  How we listen and how we move help determine the pathways that we find ourselves on.  The mind and body link to spirituality and/or religion has a long history of intertwined connection.  Continue exploring here.

The Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life and a student do Tai Chi

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