Loss can come in many forms and the expression of grief or gratitude for the existence of people who have touched our lives is a deeply personal experience.  You are encouraged to pause here for details on memorials associated with Lawrence. 


Grieving is a deeply personal experience, but it doesn't need to be a solitary expression of actions or emotions. Coping is a process that can ground a person in a difficult moment and as such requires skills, allowances, and time to process such moments. 

A weekly student grief group will be available during weeks 3-7 at Sabin House, and is a co-led collaboration between the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life and staff counselor Rachel Hart from Wellness Services.  

In addition to communication with the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life, the Lawrence Health and Wellness Counseling Services are available for both walk-in and appointment services. 

Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

Walk-In Hours
Varied by term

Call 832-7167 or make an appointment online.

Health and Wellness Counseling Services

Walk-In Hours
Monday-Friday   1pm-2:30pm

Scheduled Monday-Friday,  7:30am - 4:30pm
The counseling center can be reached by phone at 920-832-6574 and the 24/7 crisis line is 920-419-8167
To reach their offices via email, contact counseling@lawrence.edu


Please see below for specifics that can be shared.

No memorial details to be shared at this time