Dining and Religious Expression - FAQs

Dining and food options that are specific to spiritual expression can be an important component of campus life.  Lawrence University’s food preparation is managed on-site by Bon Appetit Management Company, which has a history of respectful accommodation and a willingness to ‘come to the table’ to assist students in finding foods that best meet their needs, spiritual or otherwise.

We invite you to visit the
Bon Appétit dining webpage
for additional information on dining at Lawrence University.

Bon Appétit’s options are provided as a partnership with Lawrence University.  Their best efforts are made to provide appropriate signs at food stations and an informative website that answers any number of food related questions.  Daily menus are posted and filtering options within the menus are available to more easily identify which food options meet your spiritual or religious observances. 

Please see below for a few details on frequently asked questions regarding food options and their relationship to spiritual expression at Lawrence University.   

Halal Icon
Q:  Is there halal food available?

A:  Halal chicken and beef are available every week, on varying days.  The Bon Appétit menu planning page has a filter to see what vegetarian options are available.  Additionally, fish is frequently featured on the menu as an option for those not wishing to eat meat.


Q:  I don’t eat pork.  What other options are available?

A:  There are a variety of meat and protein options that don’t involve pork.  At breakfast, turkey sausage is available upon request, and turkey bacon is also available. 

Q: Is there a kosher kitchen on-site? kosher symbol

A: There is not a kosher kitchen on-site in Andrew Commons.  Individuals or groups wishing to prepare or dine on a kosher meal may consider speaking with the Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life about the Center’s kitchen and what options are available within that space to keep kosher. 

Q: Can I keep kosher and still eat in Andrew Commons?

A: Dishes and utensils associated with keeping kosher are all disposable.  Kosher specific items are not part of the regular menu but it is possible to keep kosher based on the diet you opt to observe. 

Q: I observe Shabbat. How encouraging will I find the food service on Friday nights and Saturdays? 

A: In order to be able to honor Shabbat, Bon Appetit has created a format to allow students to pre-register with them so that you can avoid the use of technology but still utilize the food service of Andrew Commons.  First, students need to be in touch with April Mancl, Board Manager for Bon Appetit x7309. April will need to know the name of the student BEFORE the meal service.  When the student goes to Andrew Commons on Friday evening or Saturday they can tell the cashier their name and the staffer on the register will manually enter the swipe on behalf of the student. 

Q: What food options are available to me during Passover?

A:  Foods that are made with Passover in mind have traditionally been offered among the general food stations.  Stations may include such items as matza crust pizza, matza ball soup, or matza crusted fish.  Vegan options are also always available. On campus Hillel members are also welcome to kasher the Sabin House kitchen during passover. 

Q: How does Lawrence University handle fasting during Ramadan and the Baha'i month of ‘Alá’ ? 

A:  The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life has adopted a practice of offering take-away food within our kitchen space during religious fasting times.  Pre-packaged items and temperature friendly food is made available in a Grab & Go format.  Students can stop by the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life during their academic day and make a ‘dinner’ that they can enjoy after sundown.