Evaluation of a Passive-Activated In-Roadway Warning Lights (IRWL) Crosswalk System (2011-2014)

The purpose of this study was to provide the city of Appleton with the findings of an evaluation of a passive-activated in-roadway warning light (IRWL) system at two crosswalks on a refuge median, divided four-lane roadway running through the Lawrence University campus. Based on a before-after design, the analysis of videos that tracked vehicles within a 60 feet window which started 200 feet back from the crosswalks indicates that compared to when there was no IRWL system 1) drivers engaged their brakes sooner within the 60 feet window after the lights were installed, 2) there was a larger reduction in velocity from when vehicles entered the 60 feet window to when they exited after the lights were installed, and 3) a higher percentage of vehicles decelerated only and a lower percentage of vehicles accelerated only within the 60 feet window after the lights were installed. 

The Lawrence Lifeline Project (2009-2013)

In 2008 Lawrence University submitted a grant proposal to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for a Garrett Lee Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant. In September 2009 Lawrence was selected to become one of 22 Garrett Lee Smith Cohort 4 campus grantees. The university was awarded $300,000 for three years to develop, implement, and evaluate a suicide prevention program on campus. We received a no-cost extension of the grant, ending in June 2013.

The Teagle Tutorial (2008-2010)

The research assessment methods in tutorial education study researched and developed alternative assessment methods for tutorial courses in liberal arts education.


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