March 11, 2014

Dear Lawrence University Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner,

Lawrence University is dedicated to supporting the well-being of you and your family by providing continuous wellness education and awareness programs. Each year, we provide faculty, staff and spouses/domestic partners the opportunity to participate in a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL Health Risk Assessment (HRA). The purpose of this assessment is to make you aware of health risk factors that can lead to future disease and to support you in taking the necessary steps to achieve optimal health.

Whether or not you are covered by the Lawrence University Health Plan, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. The HRA has many benefits and is not meant to be a substitute for an annual routine physical exam. In fact, sharing your HRA results with your doctor will enhance your physical exam since you will already have these results with you to discuss with your physician.

When you participate in the HRA, you will: 1) Complete a questionnaire and sign a lab consent form; 2) Complete the HRA screening on campus; 3) Receive a personal and confidential health risk report with your results. Please review the enclosed documents for more details.

The HRA screenings will take place on April 3-5 and April 7-10 in the Warch Campus Center (4th floor). Spouses/domestic partners have the convenient option to schedule their screening on Saturday, April 5.

New this year! Please read the below documents that provides details on the following changes this year:

  • The report delivery will not be required. However, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of either an in-person or telephonic report delivery so that you fully understand your results.
  • Your HRA report will be mailed to your home approximately three weeks after your HRA screening. Previously, the report was hand delivered to you at your report delivery appointment.

The HRA is voluntary and confidential. No one from Lawrence University will have access to your personal results. After all HRA screenings are completed, Human Resources will receive an aggregate report that we will share with the Lawrence community. This report assists us in providing you with targeted wellness programs.

For participating, members of the Lawrence University Health Plan will receive a health insurance premium credit for the next plan year effective July 1, 2014. Details will be announced during the benefits open enrollment period in May.

We invite you to take charge of your health! Register now (CLICK HERE) for your HRA by following the enclosed instructions (CLICK HERE).  If you have any questions, please contact Patty Leiker at (920) 832-6543 or Xai Xiong at (920) 832-7136 in Human Resources.

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