All current students are asked to complete a Named Scholars Form (click here for to access the form in Voyager) during the annual financial aid application process.  Named Scholar recipients are notified that a portion of their institutional gift aid is being funded by the donor and are asked to write thank-you notes to the donor.  These thank-you notes are important because without the generosity of the donors, institutional scholarships and grant aid would be negatively impacted.

Although a Named Scholar’s overall financial aid award does not change, Lawrence scholarship and grant aid would be as much as 20% less without Named Scholar funding.

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Additionally, a Named Scholar Luncheon is held each year to recognize named scholarship donors and recipients.  It is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet their scholarship donors and further express their appreciation for the funding that helps make their Lawrence University education possible.

In the spring, gratitude gatherings are held to provide students with an opportunity to send notes to scholarship donors. However, thank you notes can be written at any time and forwarded to the Office of Alumni and Constituency Engagement for delivery to the scholarship donor.

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