Departments or groups of faculty wishing to create a position for a Fellow are encouraged to begin by consulting with the Provost or the President. Fellows may be assigned to particular departments or to interdisciplinary programs. In some instances, a group of faculty may wish to create a Fellow position in an area that does not fit into an existing department or program. This may be especially attractive when the position represents a new area that does not currently exist at Lawrence. If funding exists and the position is approved, then a search is initiated.

The Fellow position is advertised in recognized journals. We attempt to make Fellows searches nationally, in order to obtain the best candidates, although regional searches are done when appropriate.  A search committee of faculty in the appropriate department, program or interest area is formed to evaluate candidates. After screening is complete, a candidate or candidates are brought to campus for an interview. Appointment of a person to a Fellow position is made by the Provost upon recommendation of the search committee and the approval of the President.

The search process parallels searches for tenure-track candidates for two reasons. First, we want to find the best candidates for these positions, which are important to the University. Second, it is often the case that a Fellow position becomes converted to a tenure-track position, or a tenure-track position becomes open and a Fellow becomes a candidate for that position. Under these circumstances, we do not make an appointment to a tenurable position unless a national search has been made; if the original Fellow search is national, this will facilitate any later tenure-track appointment.

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