Have you ever wanted to have a quiz question pop up while a student watches an online video that you've assigned?  Wouldn't it be neat if you could choose from a variety of question types (multiple choice, fill in the blank, long answer, discussion, etc.)?  And wouldn't it be unbelievable if the quiz results automatically flew into the Moodle gradebook?

All of this is possible with an interactive video tool called PlayPosit!

Interested in learning more? See below for basic instructions to get started right away. Contact Instructional Technology for more information or to schedule a meeting to go over the details.

The image below links to an externally-produced video (6 minutes) with questions by Adam Galambos (video opens in a new window).  Give it a try!

playposit screenshot

How to create a PlayPosit "bulb"

In Moodle:

  1. Login to one of your Moodle courses.
  2. Click “Turn editing on.”
  3. Under the “Add an activity” dropdown, select “External tool.”
  4. Give the activity a name.
  5. Next to “Preconfigured tool” select “PlayPosit Interactive Video.”
  6. Click “Save and display” at bottom of Moodle page.

This will launch you into the PlayPosit environment.

In PlayPosit:

  1. Click “New” in upper left and select “Bulb.”
  2. In the “Enter Video URL Here” text box, paste a URL to a YouTube or Vimeo video you wish to add questions to.
  3. Click the “Add” button.  The video will load in an authoring page.
  4. Using the controls at the bottom, find a time where you would like to pause the video.
  5. Click the orange button and click “Add Question.”
  6. Select the type of question to insert.
  7. For multiple choice questions:
    •  Type the question in the top portion of the window.
    •  Add as many answer options as you wish.
    •  Click the green circle next to the correct answer.
  8. Click "Save."
  9. Continue to add additional questions.
  10. When done, click the 3 dots in the blue section at far right.
  11. Click "Save and Finish."  Your newly created bulb will appear at the top of your bulb list.
  12. Click the 3 dots at the far right next to your bulb.
  13. Click “Set bulb link.”
  14. Select “Self-Paced” from the menu.
  15. Click “Set Link” at the bottom of the window.

That’s it!  To review your bulb, click the 3 dots at the far right next to your bulb, and select “Preview.”  To test it from within Moodle, add a test Moodle student account to your course and login as that student (Arno can assist with this).  After you’ve answered the quiz questions, you should see the student’s grade appear in the Moodle gradebook.