Federal regs & policies

If you are involved in carrying out a federal grant project, you share the responsibility for compliance with federal laws, regulations, and policies. Know your obligations, and when in doubt, ask for help! 

Info, links, and PDFs relating to federal-wide and agency-specific requirements can be found on our Compliance Policies and Practices page.

If your project is funded in part or whole by a federal grant, there are special considerations you need to be aware of. Federal grants come with special obligations to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations (rules that apply to all federal grantees) as well as agency-specific policies.

Your friendly CFSR team can help you understand the rules and regs that apply to your particular situation. But you, as the project director or principal investigator, are ultimately responsible for making sure that you carry out your grant project and spend your grant funds in compliance with the federal and agency rules. Learn more about applicable regulations and policies.

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