For a new course, complete the appropriate form.  For a one-time offering, offer the content as a topic under a "Topics in X" course number (to create a new "Topics in X" course, use the STANDARD Course form).  Have the Department Chair schedule the course and topic with the Registrar.

Course Proposals
  • STANDARD Course: Word
  • PAIRED Course: Word
  • D-TERM Course: Word
Enrollment Limit Requests
  • Class Enrollment Limit: Word
GER Requests
  • Global Diversity (G): Word
  • Dimensions of Diversity (D): Word
  • Writing Intensive (W): Word
  • Speaking Intensive (S): Word
  • Quantitative Analysis (Q): Word

Academic Requests

  • Grade Change: Word
  • Student-Designed Major: Word
  • Academic Internship: Word

Equipment Requests

  • Academic Equipment: Excel

Faculty Grants

  • Project Grant (scholarly or creative activity; curricular development or workshop): Word
  • Faculty Travel: Word
  • Student Travel Support: Word
  • LU Research Fellow (summer): Word
  • Grant Statement for Summer Student Employment: Word
  • Intent to Seek External Funding: Contact the grants team

Employee Forms

  • Sabbatical Leave: Word
  • Moving Expenses: Word

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