Faculty-Led or LU-Sponsored Student Travel

Faculty or staff who lead academic trips off campus (other than to Björklunden) and student groups who want to travel off campus must:

1. Pick up a trip planning form from the Provost's Office (faculty) or Campus Life Office (students).  Fill in the form with names, trip details, and contact info.

2. Collect a signed waiver from each participant when there is:

  • travel that exceeds 200 miles one way (even if returning on the same day);
  • overnight travel; or
  • a setting or activity that presents inherent risks beyond normal daily routines.

For faculty-led trips, submit forms to the Provost's Office.  For student group trips, submit forms to the Campus Life Office.

For International Travel

Faculty who lead international trips -OR- students who travel abroad with Lawrence funding (Senior Experience or other grants) must follow the steps below.

12 weeks before departure

Send registration form to both:

Bob Williams, Associate Dean of the Faculty

Laura Zuege, Director of Off-Campus Programs


6 weeks before departure
  • Complete the CISI enrollment form for travel insurance ($41 per month). The latest possible enrollment is one month in advance.
  • Collect a waiver from every participant.

Send CISI form and waivers to:

Laura Zuege, Director of Off-Campus Programs


2 weeks before departure
  • Prepare an itinerary and final roster of participants with trip leader contact info.
  • Collect a personal information form and scan of the passport photo page from each participant (including leaders).

Send packet or zip file to both:

Bob Williams, Associate Dean of the Faculty

Curt Lauderdale, Dean of Students

Trip leaders should:

  • Be able to access participants' itineraries, medical and emergency contact info (on personal info forms), and passport scans during the trip in case you need this information in an emergency.  You can carry paper copies, save electronic copies on a device, or put these documents in cloud storage if you will have internet access.
  • Apply for a cash advance through Financial Services if you will pay expenses for the group during the trip.
  • Register on the State Department website by completing the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and encourage participants to do the same.  (This registry is for American citizens only; international students should register with their own embassies.)

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