Academic travel is any student travel associated with the academic program, whether as part of a course or enrichment activity or a student project.  Academic travel may be led by a faculty or staff member, sponsored by a faculty or staff member, or undertaken by a student with Lawrence funding.  Policies differ for local travel, excursions (day trips), long-distance and overnight trips, and international travel (see navigation menu).

Course Travel

If travel is a required component of a course, then the course syllabus should state the travel dates and destinations, a summary of activities, and the program fee.  If travel is optional (as for field trips), then students who cannot participate should be offered alternatives to earn equivalent course credit.

Eligibility & Accessibility

For long-distance, overnight, or international travel, the faculty/staff trip leader or sponsor should check with the Dean of Students whether students are eligible to participate.  For any travel involving students who need disability accommodations, the trip leader or sponsor should make the appropriate arrangements, consulting with the Accessibility Services Coordinator for guidance.  Where travel is not an essential component of the course, a student who cannot participate due to ineligibility or disability should be offered an alternative way to satisfy course requirements.

Authorized Drivers & Vehicles

All drivers who transport students, faculty, staff, official university guests, or Lawrence-owned equipment must be Lawrence University authorized drivers, whether they drive fleet vehicles or personal vehicles.  Drivers must conform to the requirements of the vehicle use policy concerning age, permissible roads and speeds, and required rest periods.  Personal vehicles must have personal insurance coverage that meets the standards in the vehicle use policy, and insurance and trip information must be submitted on a personal vehicle information form.

Vehicle Use Policy, Authorized Driver Application, and Vehicle Reservation Form

Personal Vehicle Information Form


Release Forms & Insurance

All participants must sign a release form (assumption of risk & release of liability) for any travel that is more than 200 miles from campus, includes an overnight stay, or involves strenuous or high-risk activity beyond normal daily routines. Anyone who travels outside the U.S. must also be enrolled in Lawrence’s CISI travel insurance at least one month before departure. Lawrence does not sponsor travel to a country with a U.S. State Department travel warning; anyone requiring travel to such a country must petition for an exemption to this policy.

Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability

Student International Travel Process

Travel to Countries with Heightened Risk

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