All students are expected to be familiar with the policies and procedures set forth in departmental handbooks and guidelines and the Conservatory Student Handbook, all of which contain important information about recitals and departmental examinations and other rules governing student academic life within the conservatory.

It should be noted that, although students may elect courses in addition to the minimum requirements, they are not permitted to complete requirements for two music majors in a normal four-year period. Students who wish to pursue two music majors must petition the Conservatory Committee on Administration.

Studio assignments and course placement will be determined upon matriculation. Students are expected to meet with their faculty advisors on a regular basis to discuss progress and course selections. Regular consultation with faculty advisors is essential for students who wish to attend an off-campus program or are planning to complete both the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Students must consult their studio teachers in regard to all public performances, including appearances not scheduled by Lawrence University. Conservatory rehearsals and performances take precedence in the case of a conflict with external activities. Students may not teach on campus unless employed by the Lawrence Academy of Music.

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