Fiddle Club

Interested in joining LU Fiddle Club?

Sofie Yang, '16

Sofie Yang playing her violinAs I did not have much exposure beforehand, getting the opportunity to play the violin in different contexts has really opened up my perceptions of what music’s existence can mean to people. It is really fun to jam with friends and not be afraid of making mistakes, because messing up can turn into a fiddle tune in of itself!

People interested in joining or sitting in can contact Trace Hybertson (, Maggie Anderson ( or Rehanna Rexroat ( Participation is not limited to violinists; people have played on cello, banjo, guitar, mandolin and flute! Typically, we meet on Friday evenings, and we have a Facebook group for communication.

Fiddle Club Mission

The Lawrence University Fiddle Club strives to:

  • Provide an opportunity for musicians of any experience level to play music in a fun, stress-free environment
  • Broaden musical skills through aural learning of a variety of non-classical styles such as old-time, bluegrass, jazz, Irish, Scottish, Finnish, and more
  • Create a more holistic musical experience at Lawrence University for both musicians and audiences alike.

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