Drece Cabrera

Drece is a freshman from Fredericksburg, Virginia pursuing a double major in Euphonium Performance and Music Education.

Erin Ijzer

Erin is a Freshman majoring in psychology and minoring in euphonium performance. 

Ryan DeCrene

Ryan is a freshman tubist from Chicago, IL. 

Henry Parks

Henry is a Freshman Tubist from Lake Jackson, TX. He is a double degree candidate in Environmental Science and Tuba performance. 

Tim Platt

Tim is a Senior tuba performance and music education major from Chicago, Illinois. He is principal tuba in the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra, and plays with a brass quintet and the tuba-euphonium ensemble. He is a consummate outdoorsman and enjoys camping and backpacking. 

Tanner Stegink

Tanner is a senior tubist and bass trombonist pursing a Bachelor of Music degree from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He plays tuba in the tuba-euphonium ensemble and bass trombone in jazz band and wind ensemble. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing Euchre and riding his bike. Tanner is also a member of the Deep Listening club, a group dedicated to expanding the range of audible forms that surround us in everyday life. 

Matt Vorwald

Matt is a senior euphonium performance major from Kenosha, Wisconsin. He plays euphonium in the Wind Ensemble, tuba-euphonium quartet, and tuba-euphonium ensemble. He also has played trombone in jazz combo and Jazz Workshop. Matt likes to writes video game and theater music

Will Patton

Will is a junior euphonium performance major from St. Louis, Missouri. He has played euphonium in symphonic band and the tuba euphonium ensemble. Will also plays bass guitar in "The Goat Wizard",  a progressive rock band and is a member of the ambient music ensemble. 

Daniel Quiroga

Daniel is a junior music education major from Houston, Texas. He has played euphonium in the Wind Ensemble, tuba in the Symphonic Band, trombone in the Jazz band, and tuba in the Lawrence University tuba-euphonium quartet and tuba euphonium ensemble. He also played with the Jazz Workshop Ensemble and served as an assistant coach for that ensemble. He is an ensemble manager with the Lawrence Academy of Arts wind ensemble and one day aspires to teach kids in inner city and low-income neighborhoods. 

Isaac Portoghese

Isaac is a junior transfer student from UW-Eau Claire who is pursuing a degree in Tuba Performance and performing in the Lawrence Wind Ensemble and Orchestra. He has a keen interest in composition and arranging as well and has had his music performed on recitals at UWEC and is working on new pieces for the Lawrence Tuba Euphonium ensemble.

Micah Briggs

Micah is a freshmen tubist from Snohomish, Washington and a double degree candidate in music education and biochemistry. He plays tuba in symphonic band and tuba-euphonium ensemble. His long list of hobbies includes sports of all varieties, reading, all kinds of games, cooking, and anime. 

Cole Foster

Cole is a freshman euphonium player from Kalamazoo, Michigan majoring in euphonium performance. He plays euphonium in both the wind ensemble and symphonic band, tuba-euphonium ensemble, and is a member of the Lawrence University tuba-euphonium quartet. Cole enjoys bike-riding, astronomy, and playing trombone.

Lawrence Alumni

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