Audition requirements for admission to the Saxophone Studio include the following:  two or three pieces or movements in contrasting styles, demonstrating technical facility and melodic expressiveness; Eb and B major, and D and F# minor scales (harmonic or melodic), played both ascending and descending through the full range of the instrument; and a chromatic scale (Bb-F#3, ascending and descending). In addition, students may elect to perform a transcribed jazz solo or improvise with pre-recorded accompaniment.  All auditions include sight-reading.

On-campus auditions take the form of a private lesson.  Students auditioning on campus begin the audition with a performance of their prepared repertoire and scales; the audition continues with a lesson of 30 to 40 minutes duration that includes work on the prepared repertoire and sight-reading.

For more information on auditions for admission to the Saxophone Studio at the Lawrence Conservatory, please contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-227-0982 or at

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