Bachelor of Music, the major in music theory/composiiton

(Please note, these requirements are listed as per the 2013-14 Course Catalog.)

1. Music theory in addition to the core courses required for the B.Mus. degree: 36 units

a. Two courses in counterpoint (12 units), either:

i. MUTH 400 Renaissance Counterpoint (6 units) and MUTH 401 Counterpoint in the Style of J.S. Bach I (6 units), or
ii. MUTH 401 Counterpoint in the Style of J.S. Bach I (6 units) and MUTH 402 Counterpoint in the Style of J.S. Bach II (6 units)

b. MUTH 411, 412: Orchestration I, II (12 units)

c. MUTH 510: Theory and Analysis of Music Since 1900 (6 units)

d. MUTH 350/550: Topics in Music Analysis (6 units)

2. Music composition and arranging: 30 units

a. 6 units: MUCA 250: Introductory Composition (3 units per term)

b. 6 units: MUCA 350: Intermediate Composition (3 units per term)

c. 6 units: MUCA 550: Advanced Composition (3 units per term)

d. 6 additional units from MUCA 250, 350, 550

e. MUCA 300: Techniques of the Contemporary Composer (6 units)

f. Presentation of a full composition recital during senior year

3. Music history: fulfillment of the degree requirement of 24 units must include 12 units in courses numbered 400 or above

4. Performance: 24 units A minimum of 24 units in applied individual instruction

5. Ensemble: 12 units

a. 3 units in major ensemble, 

b. 3 units in chamber music, and

c. 6 units in major ensemble or chamber music

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