Music Education Requirements

This page will take you through each stage of the process to earn a degree in music education and certification to teach music in Wisconsin. The Music Education major, within the Bachelor of Music degree, offers four possible areas of emphasis: General, Choral/General, Instrumental/General and Instrumental, all of which result in certification to teach kindergarten through twelfth grade. At every stage of the certification process - program admission, placement for student teaching and certification for licensure - you must demonstrate that you are mentally and physically able to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a classroom teacher.

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Course Catalog for the Bachelor of Music Degree

Course Catalog for the Music Education Major

MUEP 201 - Intro to Music Education (Spring Term Freshman Year)

An introduction to philosophy of music education and the principles of learning theory and pedagogy, as applied to the private lesson, instrumental and choral ensembles and general music classroom. Includes directed reading and discussion, observation of experienced teachers and in-class teaching. Successful completion of this course is required prior to admission to the music education areas of general, choral/general, instrumental and instrumental/general. Units: 3.

Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio

At the end of the year prior to student teaching (typically as you are completing your Rehearsal Techniques course), you must submit an electronic portfolio providing evidence of your development toward meeting Lawrence's Thirteen Teacher Education Program Standards. A member of the Music Education faculty will review this portfolio before you begin student teaching.

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Pre-Student Teaching Portfolio

Student Teaching in Music

Student Teaching Final Portfolio

Beginning September 1, 2014, all teacher certification candidates in music must take the Performing Arts edTPA, a teacher performance assessment completed during student teaching. To be certified for licensure, candidates must earn a passing score set by Lawrence's Teacher Education Program. Effective September 1, 2016, candidates must also meet the state of Wisconsin's edTPA score requirements for initial teacher licensure in Wisconsin. Candidates who successfully complete student teaching but do not pass the edTPA may complete degree requirements but not be certified for licensure.

Music Education Advising Checklists

Declare Your Senior Experience Title

Use the following example as a guide. Senior Experience Title: "Student Teaching in Choral/General Music Education"

Click on the link below to learn more about declaring your senior experience title. 
Declare Your Senior Experience Title

Petition to Walk Early

Click on the link below to learn more about how to petition to walk early for graduation.
Petition to Walk Early

Program Standards

Lawrence’s thirteen standards, based on Wisconsin state standards, summarize the knowledge, skills, and dispositions expected of a beginning teacher.  In order to be certified for licensure, candidates must present evidence that they meet or exceed these standards.

Click the following link to learn more about Lawrence's program standards for teacher education.
Program Standards

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