2016 Senior Dinner and Baccalaureate Nominations

In order to create an invitation list for dinner, we are asking you to help by nominating a professor to make remarks during the dinner program, as well as three additional faculty and/or staff guests. Your nominations help determine which faculty and staff are invited to dinner, so please fill out the ballot below by Friday, February 19. Speaker nominations will also be taken into account in selecting a faculty speaker for the Baccalaureate ceremony. 

Please note that not every individual nominated will receive an invitation. If an individual is not nominated by the class, they will not receive an invitation to the dinner.  Recent speakers have included Professors Debbert, DeStasio, Gerard, Hall, McQuinn and Pickett.  You do not need to list the speaker as a guest as well - the speaker vote is automatically counted as a guest vote.  Please keep the reverse in mind as the guest vote does not count towards the speaker vote! 

In May, you will receive the formal invitation which will include: a list of the faculty and staff members who accepted their invitation, as well as the speaker chosen by your class.  On the invitation's R.S.V.P. card, all seniors may request seating with faculty or staff of your choice, which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

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