William Hockammer '66 pictureWilliam O. Hochkammer '66

"Attending Lawrence was a life changing experience for me.  It was instrumental to my transition from growing up on a Wisconsin farm, the first in my family to attend college, to completing law school and to a full and enjoyable life on both a personal and professional basis.  While I valued my time as a student at Lawrence and was grateful for the financial aid that allowed me to attend Lawrence, I didn’t then fully appreciate what I was gaining from my experience.  In law school I recognized how well Lawrence had prepared me academically.  As I had more life experiences, my appreciation for my Lawrence education continued to grow as I saw how well Lawrence had prepared me as a person.  I also began to realize that Lawrence meant much more to me than the college where I received my undergraduate education.  I had become a member of the community of Lawrentians with a life time of opportunities for engagement and personal satisfaction.

My gratitude for my Lawrence education and for the financial aid I received motivates me to support Lawrence financially, particularly to allow others from families of limited means to attend Lawrence.  However, what most strongly motivates me to support Lawrence both financially and with my time and attention is my enthusiasm for Lawrence as it is today.  I see how strongly Lawrence is committed to its mission, how it continues to transform the lives of students and how it strives constantly to become even better at providing outstanding experiences to its students.  Lawrence is successful at combining its traditional liberal arts focus and rigorous programs in the arts and liberal arts with the adaptability to prepare today’s students for their lives in a rapidly changing world.  Lawrence was an excellent college when I attended; it is a stronger college now; it is committed to being even stronger in the future. I feel privileged to support this effort."

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