The George B. Walter '36 Service to Society Award

Presented to an alumnus or alumna of Lawrence University or Milwaukee-Downer College who best exemplifies the ideals of a liberal education through its application to socially useful ends in the community, the nation or the world. This award honors George B. Walter ’36, faculty member, coach and dean of men, whose work at the college and beyond was guided by his conviction that every individual can and should make a positive difference in the world.

Timothy Anne Burnside '02

Timothy Burnside '02 picture“The four years I spent at Lawrence were not the absolute best years of my life. I didn't meet the love of my life or discover the career path that I have today. Lawrence wasn't where I decided on anything, but it was where I became prepared to face all of those unknowns. Four years of being surrounded by people who weren't ashamed of being band nerds or history buffs or lovers of literature meant that I made friends who studied on both sides of College Avenue. Now those same friends are doing amazing things all over the world. At Lawrence I learned what it meant to have a support system, and that it was ok to mess up or be embarrassed because at the end of the day someone would be there for you.

Today I'm lucky to have a career that combines the three things I studied at Lawrence, which I am grateful for every single day. I carry every life lesson and classroom experience from Lawrence with me, because those moments taught me how to be confident and not afraid of striving to do the work that I love. I learned humility, and the importance of working towards a goal because of the good work being done, not because you would be rewarded. I came away from those four years without a plan for the rest of my life, but I knew that I would be ok.”

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