Nancy Mattson '76 pictureNancy J. Mattson '76

"I’m fond of saying that Lawrence was a great place to “grow up”.  What I really mean by that is that Lawrence was a great place to build a foundation for life.  Lawrence gave me the academic background that I needed to succeed in my business career.  The liberal arts focus of the university meant that I was exposed to courses that I would not study in depth, but the study of which would enrich my life.  And, the diverse student body and study abroad opportunities helped me to crystallize my own perspectives while appreciating those of others.

On the academic front, Lawrence provides a challenging environment with first-rate teachers that are readily accessible to students, small class sizes that promote engaged learning and talented students with whom to compete and collaborate.  Going on to graduate school was easy for me given the rigorous education that I had at Lawrence, an education that I believe could not have been better.
By enabling and encouraging students to take courses in a variety of areas, Lawrence empowers students to explore studies that they might never master, but can come to appreciate.  From psychology to philosophy, and art to music courses, I was exposed to fields of study that I have continued to enjoy throughout my life.
Coming from different backgrounds and experiences, the students at Lawrence bring a variety of perspectives to the university community.  Lawrence was a safe place for me to try on new ideas and ways of looking at the world as I began to define myself as an adult.  My perspectives were further broadened by Lawrence’s London studies program, and the people that I met and experiences I had during my travels abroad.  These non-classroom college connections and experiences were an important part of my development.
Lawrence clearly helped me build a firm foundation for life and I believe that it is continuing to do the same for today’s Lawrentians.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this truly outstanding university."

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