2016 Alumni Award Recipients

The Lucia Russell Briggs Distinguished Achievement Award

Presented to an alumnus or alumna of Lawrence University or Milwaukee-Downer College of more than 20 years for outstanding contributions to and achievements in a career field. This award honors Lucia Russell Briggs, second president of Milwaukee-Downer College and one of the most beloved and influential figures in that college’s history.

Nancy Mattson '76 pictureNancy J. Mattson '76

“I’m fond of saying that Lawrence was a great place to “grow up”.  What I really mean by that is that Lawrence was a great place to build a foundation for life.  Lawrence gave me the academic background that I needed to succeed in my business career.  The liberal arts focus of the university meant that I was exposed to courses that I would not study in depth, but the study of which would enrich my life.  And, the diverse student body and study abroad opportunities helped me to crystallize my own perspectives while appreciating those of others.” Read more.



The Nathan M. Pusey Young Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award

Presented to an alumnus or alumna of Lawrence University or Milwaukee-Downer College whose exemplary leadership and notable actions have contributed to the betterment of the entire Lawrence University community.

Curien J. Kurrien '01 pictureCurien J. Kurrien '01
“I only began to fully understand the value of my Lawrence education as senior, when I magically started connecting the dots between ostensibly disparate fields, drawing from each discipline to strengthen my arguments in another. These insights imbued me with precious confidence I’d never possessed before – a powerful force that I draw upon daily for my complex, creative, nuanced job as Editor-in-Chief of GQ India.
I returned home a year after I graduated in 2001, and immediately felt I was in a different country from the sclerotic one I had left, a nation on the cusp of heady economic expansion. By then the Lawrence liberal arts ideal had transformed and armed me with a unique outlook that allowed me to identify and capitalize on a range of opportunities in the new India.” Read more



The George B. Walter '36 Service to Society Award

Presented to an alumnus or alumna of Lawrence University or Milwaukee-Downer College who best exemplifies the ideals of a liberal education through its application to socially useful ends in the community, the nation or the world. This award honors George B. Walter ’36, faculty member, coach and dean of men, whose work at the college and beyond was guided by his conviction that every individual can and should make a positive difference in the world.

Timothy Burnside '02 pictureTimothy Anne Burnside '02
“The four years I spent at Lawrence were not the absolute best years of my life. I didn't meet the love of my life or discover the career path that I have today. Lawrence wasn't where I decided on anything, but it was where I became prepared to face all of those unknowns. Four years of being surrounded by people who weren't ashamed of being band nerds or history buffs or lovers of literature meant that I made friends who studied on both sides of College Avenue. Now those same friends are doing amazing things all over the world. At Lawrence I learned what it meant to have a support system, and that it was ok to mess up or be embarrassed because at the end of the day someone would be there for you.” Read more.


The Gertrude Breithaupt Jupp M-D '18 Outstanding Service Award

Presented to an alumnus or alumna of Lawrence University or Milwaukee-Downer College after his or her 20th Cluster Reunion who has provided outstanding service to Lawrence University, this award honors Gertrude Breithaupt Jupp, voted Milwaukee-Downer alumna of the year in 1964 for her long-standing service to the college as president of the alumnae association board, class secretary and public-relations officer.

William Hockammer '66 pictureWilliam O. Hochkammer '66

“Attending Lawrence was a life changing experience for me.  It was instrumental to my transition from growing up on a Wisconsin farm, the first in my family to attend college, to completing law school and to a full and enjoyable life on both a personal and professional basis.  While I valued my time as a student at Lawrence and was grateful for the financial aid that allowed me to attend Lawrence, I didn’t then fully appreciate what I was gaining from my experience.  In law school I recognized how well Lawrence had prepared me academically.  As I had more life experiences, my appreciation for my Lawrence education continued to grow as I saw how well Lawrence had prepared me as a person.  I also began to realize that Lawrence meant much more to me than the college where I received my undergraduate education.  I had become a member of the community of Lawrentians with a life time of opportunities for engagement and personal satisfaction.” Read more. 



Betty Barrett M-D'55 pictureBetty Heistad Barrett M-D'55
“With a heart full of love for our college” is a line from the Milwaukee Downer College Alma Mater that never fails to bring tears, even sixty two years after the merger that formed Lawrence University.  Downer lives on in the hearts and minds of its devoted alumnae, and as part of Lawrence.  I am grateful that many of our traditions continue, most visibly the class colors.   Our eight-oared shell, the Katie, is displayed in the Library, close to lots of our photographs, books and grandfather clocks.  Our sundial still tells time.  Our college seals share the concept of “Lux” – Light.” Read more

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