Alumni Admissions Interviews

Interviews are an important piece of the admissions process. With your help, we can have meaningful conversations with more applicants and have a better understanding of who is well-matched and ready to take advantage of the Lawrence experience. It's all about making personal connections, learning about the students beyond the pages of their applications, and bringing the LU experience to life for them. This is a small time commitment with a large return for you, the student, and the Admissions Office... and it's FUN! 

You get to select as few or as many prospective students as you'll have time to connect with. The interviews take place at a location that is mutually convenient for you and the student in your local area. 

Interview prospective students and become an Alumni Ambassador today!

A brief training session is required so we can provide you with all of the tools and resources you'll need to get started. Please choose one interview training session (average length of time is 30-45 minutes). We have a few options so you can choose what works best for you. Events on campus and off, live webinars, and a recorded webinar you can do on your own time. Registration links are highlighted in blue:

Training Events in Your Area

Lawrence Around the Country 
In conjunction with the Lawrence in (your city) regional events featuring a reception with President Burstein, we welcome you to join us for interview training! Alumni interview training will take place before the president's reception at the same venue. 

LIVE Online Training Opportunities

Admissions Interview Training Webinar

All of our formally scheduled sessions have passed but training is still available at your convenience by appointment! Please contact Lynette Schroeder (info below) to schedule a time that works best for you. 

Training Anytime

We know how busy you are and for your convenience, a recorded version of the training webinar is now available!

This is a two step process:
1. Watch training at your convenience by clicking here
2. Complete a short "open computer" quiz so we know it's time to activate your record in the technology you will use to connect with prospective students. The quiz is available here


If you have any questions, please let us know!
Mary Beth Petrie - OR
Lynette Schroeder -

If these opportunities don't fit in your schedule, we are happy to schedule training one-on-one. Please contact Lynette Schroeder to schedule a time.

If you haven't formally signed up to be an Alumni Ambassador, please do so HERE. This is necessary so we can give you access to the technology we use to connect you with prospective students. 


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