Lan Huang '93

Profession: Chairman and CEO, Dalian Wanchun Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Dalian, China

Lawrence Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Chemistry

How did your Lawrence experience prepare you for your current profession?: Lawrence gave me the needed skills in scientific research, and the confidence to pursue the career I desire even though it is not the traditional road for a scientist (anything is possible if you try hard). After many years of high level scientific training, I chose to be an entrepreneur, by translating my scientific discoveries and inventions to products which can directly help people (this is my dream career). Lawrence [also] taught me to be resourceful. I was able to leverage my scientific training and contacts, and my background as a Chinese (China healthcare market is expanding dramatically) to have successful businesses in the US and China in healthcare field. I was lucky to be awarded "Thousand Talent Innovator Award" from China President in 2009.

What is one piece of advice for prospective students about their time at Lawrence that is important for their lives after Lawrence?: Take advantage of all out-of-classroom learning experiences Lawrence is offering: such as Lawrence Scholar programs, study-abroad programs. Open your horizons to many different choices in life, do not limit your expectation about life.

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