Wenjie Chen '04

Profession: Assistant Professor of International Business and International Affairs at George Washington University, School of Business and Elliott School of International Affairs

Lawrence Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Economics-Mathematics

How did your Lawrence experience prepare you for your current profession?: Lawrence provided me with a rigorous yet well-rounded education that set me on a path of life-long learning. The people at LU, ranging from professors, to classmates and staff have shaped my thinking and views on the world that influence me in my life and career today. For instance, now as a professor myself, I try to encourage my students to think outside of the box.

What is one piece of advice for prospective students about their time at Lawrence that is important for their lives after Lawrence?: Be open-minded. Take classes outside of your comfort zone. In this day and age, employers look for versatility and well-roundedness beyond the basic tool set. Being able to shape your education in a unique way as is possible at Lawrence will provide you with an edge later in life.


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