Rebecca Schmidt '04

Profession: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at National Jewish Health

Lawrence Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Biology

How did your Lawrence experience prepare you for your current profession?: My Lawrence education prepared me extremely well for my current profession as a scientist.  I found my rigorous training in biology made my graduate courses easily accessible and helped me to transition into additional research areas as a post-doctoral fellow.  Further, I learned how to ask questions and evaluate information, which is the heart of life as a scientist.  Finally, I rely on the communication skills I practiced at LU to express myself to other scientists as well as students and community members.

What is one piece of advice for prospective students about their time at Lawrence that is important for their lives after Lawrence?: Participate in student groups, whether just for fun or more serious roles in student government, etc.  In addition to exploring your interests, you will learn important interpersonal skills (communication, cooperation, and leadership) which will be important in whatever field you find yourself after Lawrence.

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