Chris Worman '03

Profession: Director of Program Development at TechSoup Global

Lawrence Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Music & Theatre and Drama

How did your Lawrence experience prepare you for your current profession?: Lawrence helped me hone my creative and critical thinking, writing and (with theater being one of my majors) communication skills. These skills are all fundamentally important to my job. My professors at Lawrence challenged me to always push a little harder -- to think holistically about context and a variety of factors rather than spuriously assume, go a bit further than I might otherwise in refining and shaping my ideas related to whatever we were studying and to communicate as concisely and precisely as possible. In short, though I do very little that is directly related to either of my degrees, the entire liberal arts process enabled me to think and act a little more than the norm; to shape and evolve my assumptions and theories as I work in very fractured and rapidly shifting environments and build consensus around thoroughly intriguing social change issues.

What is one piece of advice for prospective students about their time at Lawrence that is important for their lives after Lawrence?: Take advantage of everything. University is a time to figure yourself out. What you actually think you think and care about. This happens in and out of class. And there is so much going on outside class at Lawrence. What happens in the class will teach you how to think but what happens outside will, perhaps, offer more perspective on how to apply it in the world. Get involved in things you never thought of before, just because, and go to the weekend courses at the library. I know, it is the weekend but seriously, they offered some great computer courses and other random things that I wish I made it out of bed for. And regarding classes, some great advice from my advisor – take one easy, one medium, and one hard class. I tried as much as possible to take intro courses in every topic and it enabled me to think way beyond the great courses I had in the conservatory and derive new insights from a range of perspectives.

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