In 2014, Lawrence University and the University of Wisconsin colleges entered into a partnership designed to facilitate the transfer from the two-year college system of students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music degree at Lawrence University.  We believe that these transfer students from local institutions help to strengthen our bonds with the community in which we live and bring different experiences and perspectives to academic work.

Apply to Lawrence

To begin your application, select either the Common Application or the Lawrence Application. Both applications are the same, so use whichever your prefer. (Our advice: if you are applying to other colleges and universities who use the Common Application, this is a great choice. If you are not applying to other schools who use the Common Application, the Lawrence Application may work better for you.)

Common Application: Apply for 2018-19 Academic Year

Lawrence Application: Apply for 2018-19 Academic Year

Lawrence and UW Fox

The University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley and Lawrence have created a special partnership between our institutions in recognition of our shared investment in the local community. Those students who intend to transfer from UW Fox to Lawrence are encouraged to use the additional services and resources available to them. You will have an on-site transfer consultant from Lawrence: Liliana Guevara. As soon as you know that you want to transfer to Lawrence, make an appointment with her to discuss your UW Fox academic program as well as your educational aspirations.

Just like other transfer students, UW Fox students will be assigned an advisor in the spring preceding matriculation to Lawrence. You will be invited to come to Lawrence to your new advisor’s office to discuss your academic program and your academic major.

As a UW Fox transfer student you will also be invited to attend a summer visit day and to meet with a peer mentor who can answer questions you have about transferring from the UW system to Lawrence.

Resources for Admitted Students

Once you have been admitted to Lawrence—usually in the spring preceding your matriculation into the university—you will be assigned an advisor with whom you are encouraged to communicate about your future coursework at Lawrence, the major or majors you are considering, and the requirements, whether general education or major, that you will need to fulfill to make good progress to your degree.

For students entering Lawrence in the fall, a special orientation for transfer students will be offered during Welcome Week, before first term classes begin. Transfer students will also have the opportunity to register before freshmen students register.

Financial Aid Information

Transfer students are eligible for merit-based scholarships up to $23,000 per year! Learn more about the financial aid offered to transfer students at Lawrence and see the financial aid checklist.

Contact Us

We have an admissions officer dedicated to transfer admissions; feel free to contact her anytime.

Liliana Guevara
Admissions Counselor

Schedule a Visit

 Visiting campus is the best way to get a feel for the campus which will help with your decision. Try the food, meet some students, see the sights, chat with professors, sit down with an admission counselor and more. Schedule your visit to Lawrence.

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