With all the things you need to do to get ready to arrive at Lawrence, it doesn't take much to get a little lost. (It even happens to us from time to time, and we work here.) That's why we've put together this handy, not-so-little list of things for you to do to prepare for your arrival.

1. Activate your Lawrence account

The sooner you activate your Lawrence account, the better. This allows you to access your Lawrence email, the network (once here) and Voyager, Lawrence University’s student information system—the online place where you’ll be able to apply for housing, register for classes, and (eventually) check your grades.

Read more or take a look at the Account Registration page for detailed information.

2. Complete your Housing Selection Form

Our housing survey will become available within two weeks after paying your deposit. After you complete your Housing Selection Form on Voyager (Voyager->Student Services->Important Forms & Paperwork), we'll assign you your room on campus.

In mid-July, we'll post your room assignment on Voyager. (Voyager->Student Services->Housing & Roommate Information).

We encourage you to read the Guide for Incoming Students for answers to all your residence life questions (including the ones you didn't know to ask).

3. Get ready to register (Mid June)

Check your Lawrence email for registration information during this time. Also visit the registrar's website to start planning your academic program now.

4. Submit a photo for your student ID (July 1)

Submit a photo for your student ID card beginning July 1 and at least one week prior to your arrival on campus.  Deadline is September 1 for all students who will be arriving for Welcome Week.  Click here for details and instructions.

5. Advance registration (July 5 - July 19)

All students: Complete your academic advisor form (in Voyager), and draft your class plan for the year.

Bachelor of Arts degree students will register for two fall classes.

Bachelor of Music and Double-Degree students, you have a few more things to do, so please click here.

6. To Do for Music Majors

  • Music Theory Preliminary Assessment (required; open May 15 - May 31)
  • Music Theory Fundamentals E-course (recommended; open June 15)
  • Music Theory Placement Exam (required; open July 15 - August 31)
  • Advanced Placement Exam in music theory (required only of transfer students; optional for all others; by September 6)
  • Advanced Placement Exam in aural skills  (required only of transfer students; optional for all others; September 6)
  • Advanced Placement Audition in sight-singing (by invitation; September 6)

All incoming music majors (freshmen and transfers) are required to complete the Preliminary Assessment by May 31 and the Placement Exam by August 31, as are BA students who wish to enroll in the core music theory curriculum.  The summer E-course (opens June 15) is highly recommended as preparation for the music theory core curriculum.  Lawrence’s Advanced Placement Exams in music theory and aural skills are required of all transfer students and recommended for incoming freshmen who have had significant prior training in those areas. Advanced-placement auditions for sight-singing will be held on September 7 for a small percentage of students based on the Placement Exam scores; students invited to take this audition will be contacted during the first week of September. For more information about music theory placement and the music theory core curriculum (including required fall-term textbooks), click here

7. Your bill is available (July 15)

We bet you'll never guess where you can find it... (OK, it's on Voyager. Under your Student Account.)

(Payment is August 15.)

8. Watch your postal mailbox for a big packet from the Dean of Students (Late July)

This packet includes good stuff about Welcome Week (among other important and exciting things).

9. Health forms are due (August 1)

Please make arrangements to see your doctor and submit your paperwork before this deadline. Health Forms are available here

10. August 15, the initial tuition payment is due

At this time, Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment opportunities will be posted on the Financial Aid website.

12. Move-in days

For domestic students, residence halls open September 5.

For international students, residence halls open for move-in September 1 and 2 and mandatory orientation begins on September 3.

Fall athletes should check with their coaches about earlier arrivals.

13. Welcome Week (September 5)

Okay, so it's not a "full week," but we never pass up a chance at alliteration. For a sneak-peek of what your Welcome Week might be like, check out this gem from our vast video archives.

YouTube VideoYouTube VideoPlay YouTube Video

13. First day of classes (September 12)

For help with...

accessing your Voyager account, passwords or technical problems...
contact Technology Services Helpdesk at 920-832-6570

planning your academic program, course selection and placement...
contact Center for Academic Success at 920-832-6530

using Voyager to register for your classes...
contact the Registrar's Office at 920-832-6578

questions about Financial Aid...
contact the Financial Aid Office at 920-832-6583

questions about billing, student accounts, and payment information...
contact Financial Services at 920-832-6547

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