Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will students live during the SIIS?

Students will live in the same residence hall and room that they will for the academic year, so there is no need to move again at the start of the school year.

  • Will I get academic credit for my work in the SIIS?

All participants who successfully complete the SIIS seminar, the lecture course, and the co-curriculars will earn 3 units of academic credit.  The credit will be listed on students’ academic transcripts under the course name:  UNIC 103:  Introduction to Liberal Learning for International Students.

  • My English language skill is not very good. What if I can’t understand the lectures or complete the writing assignments?

This program is the perfect chance for you to adjust to the rigors of academic life before the regular school year begins.  You will have the chance to listen to academic lectures, read challenging texts, participate in academic discussions, write essays, and get feedback from your instructors on your performance.  In addition, peer tutors are available to help you with any aspect of the SIIS courses and your instructors hold regular office hours for you to get help or ask questions.

  • What is life like on campus in the summer?

The SIIS shares programming with the Freshman Academic Institute (FAI), a partner program for American freshman.  In addition, peer tutors and program assistants for both programs will be on campus and will quickly get to know all the participants.  Most upper-class students are not on campus for the summer, but a small proportion will be here for summer work or to practice for fall term athletics.  In short, it’s quieter on campus in the summer, but still pretty lively.

  • What is the transportation like in Appleton?

There is a local airport 15 minutes from campus and Appleton has public bus services.  Lawrence University also provides shopping shuttles to take students to the local mall and grocery store.  There are also taxi services.

  • What do students do on weekends?

The SIIS and FAI program assistants work together to provide optional weekend activities for all participants.  For some examples of previous activities, please look at the extra-curricular activity page. Students can also take the shopping shuttle to buy supplies and groceries or walk to the downtown farmer’s market, shops or restaurants.   Previous students also suggest that “It is also a good idea to go downtown to write your essay in a café, and have some coffee with friends”.

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