Summer Institute for International Students

The SIIS seminar prepares students for Lawrence University’s Freshman Studies course, which is a multi-disciplinary course in liberal learning taken by all Lawrence freshmen.  As a multi-disciplinary course, students and their professors in Freshman Studies engage in the exploration of works from the social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and sciences during fall and winter terms.  The SIIS seminar prepares students for their fall term classes by emphasizing close reading of works in various disciplines, learning from active participation in classroom discussions, and developing the ability to write analytical thesis-driven essays.

Topics in Psychology

Topics in Psychology is an exploration of the multifaceted world of the psychological sciences. As an area of study, psychology comprises the current body of knowledge about human and non-human mind and behavior. As a science, psychology involves the discovery of that knowledge through the empirical methods that researchers use to study behavior, thought, emotions, and experience. As a profession, psychology involves the application of that knowledge to promote human welfare. Together, students and faculty examine the interconnections between these various aspects of psychology in order to become familiar with the science of behavioral and mental processes. 

In this course, students discuss theories and research findings from many different areas of psychology that will very likely change the way they think about themselves and the world around them. To promote further personal growth, students are encouraged to ask questions and to offer their input and opinion in class discussions. This course allows students to experience psychology from a personal perspective. To that end, students engage in topical demonstrations, explore video and other media, and examine personal experiences that illustrate the research findings and psychological theories covered in the course.

Topics in Psychology emphasizes the close reading, critical thinking, note taking, and examination skills necessary for success in larger lecture courses offered at Lawrence.

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