Admission interviews are a great way for you to explore—with a Lawrence representative as your guide—how Lawrence University fits with your talents and aspirations. Our interviews are a relaxed, friendly one-on-one conversation we highly recommend for all applicants. 

We offer many different ways for you to connect with a member of the Lawrence community—on campus, in a coffee shop near you, or in the comfort of your own technology (phone or Skype). Any one of our trained admissions representatives or alumni ambassadors from around the world are looking forward to connecting with you!


If you're unable to visit campus, an Off-campus Interview may work well.

Off-campus Interviews are completed in a variety of ways —whatever makes you comfortable.
1. In person interview with a local alumni ambassador in a nearby location 
2. Skype or phone interview with a member of Lawrence community (admissions counselor, alum, student)
3. Interviews on the Road in select cities (available when admissions counselors are traveling near you)

Complete the form below to register for an Off-campus Interview (information regarding Interviews on the Road will be e-mailed directly to you). After you complete the request form, we'll be in touch within a week to schedule the best possible option.

Request an Off-campus Interview

Interviews on the Road

When members of the admissions team are on the road, we enjoy having the chance to interview students. (Please note that priority is given to high school seniors and juniors, as well as transfer students.)

Click below to see if we'll be offering interviews near your area.

Interviews on the Road

On-campus Interviews

As part of your campus visit, you have the option of interviewing with one of our admission counselors. The two of you can discuss your life inside and outside the classroom, as well as what you hope your life will be at and after college.

Interviews are offered as part of the Lawrence 201 experience, which you'll see when you jump over to our visit page by clicking below.

On-campus interviews

Alumni Interviews: What to Expect

All of our interviews are a two-way conversation. We want to learn about you while you learn about Lawrence. Interviews with alumni ambassadors will be treated the same as if they were conducted by a member of the admissions staff. Your interviewer will meet you somewhere in your community, like a coffee shop or a library at a time that works best for your schedule.

Helpful Hints: Phone/Skype Interview Etiquette

  1. When you register, please provide the phone number or Skype Username where you would like to be reached.
  2. Find a quiet place to interview and ensure you have a strong signal or connection.
  3. Please be ready to connect when we contact you (or let us know ahead of time if you need to reschedule).
  4. Please give the interview your full attention--give your homework and phone apps a break until the interview is over. Even though we can't see you, we can tell when we don't have your attention.
  5. Be prepared for an engaging conversation. We'll ask you some questions, and look forward to answering whatever questions you might have.
  6. Also, for a Skype interview, dress how you would for an in-person interview. Formal wear isn't required, but it's best not to be in your pajamas.

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