Engaged Learning is what characterizes a Lawrence education and distinguishes Lawrentians. By actively engaging in challenging and meaningful learning experiences with faculty and with one another—exploring, debating, researching, creating, practicing, performing—you will be prepared to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Simply put, you will learn by doing.

The Lawrence faculty is fully committed to a learning trajectory that requires active participation. It begins with Freshman Studies, a signature program that requires all students to study and understand complex works, discuss them and write about them. Building on that groundwork, students complete a program of all-college requirements and at least one major. Work in the major provides increasingly sophisticated understanding of a particular discipline or interdisciplinary area. The final stage of the trajectory is Senior Experience which pulls together your understanding of the issues and methods of your chosen major. Taken together, the Lawrence curriculum can be thought of as Foundation, Exploration and Integration.

Engaged Learning is a demanding, immersive and collaborative approach to education that puts a priority on preparing you for a life of personal fulfillment and professional accomplishment.

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