Demand More Of Yourself

Engaged Learning requires a commitment from you to be an active participant in the classroom as well as the community of accomplished faculty and diverse, multi-interested students with whom you will live. At Lawrence, the work is demanding for students who demand much of themselves.

At Lawrence, we believe the way you learn is as important as what you learn. Engaged Learning provides an intense educational experience within a strong community of students who prefer to compete with themselves, but collaborate with others. It can be hard, but the results are worth the work.

Lawrence’s educational program is exciting, challenging and rigorous. Lawrence students engage in a curriculum that is highly enriched with content characterized by important ideas, issues and problems. Educational research has verified that maintaining high expectations helps students to learn more (Chickering and Gamson, Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education). Simply put, if you expect more, you will get more. The Lawrence faculty is fully committed to establishing and maintaining high standards and to providing the academic support that enables students to meet those standards.

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