How Lawrence invests in you

Lawrence University offers one of the most personalized college experiences in the country:

  • Fewer than nine students for every professor
  • 2,000 courses taught each year, 60% of which are one-on-one
  • Chandler Senior Experiences uniquely tailored for each Lawrentian

​This distinctive level of personalization yields impressive results:

  • 99% placement within six months of graduation
  • Sector-leading salaries within 10 years of graduation
  • Lawrence alumni consistently report—at a level that outpaces their peers—that they are pursuing meaningful careers and that their work makes a difference

Offering such a distinctively personalized experience requires a significant investment of resources, which is reflected—in part—in our comprehensive fee. (Our $340-million endowment helps keep the comprehensive fee lower than the true cost to provide such an education.)

  • Our financial aid budget has grown by 28% since 2013, due in large part to the success of our Full Speed to Full Need campaign, which has garnered national attention for being "the right thing [for colleges to do]." Launched in 2014, this campaign has already raised more than $75-million toward building an $85-million endowment that would make Lawrence an institution that meets 100% of every student's financial need.
  • Our generous merit scholarship program recognizes student achievement, engagement and motivation
  • Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, all institutional scholarships and financial aid will travel with students when they study abroad.
  • Offering $4,000 summer stipends for students who participate in the Lawrence University Research Fellows program.
  • Managing institutional expenses to keep comprehensive fee increases at or below 3% since 2014.
  • Lawrence was among the first 70 colleges to join the American Talent Initiative, a program funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies that seeks to increase by 50,000 the number of high-achieving, low- to moderate-income students who enroll at U.S. colleges with the highest graduation rates.
  • 98% of all Lawrentians receive some sort of financial aid.

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