Application Deadlines

Options Deadline
Early Action I November 1
Early Action II December 1
Regular Decision January 15

If you are applying for financial aid and/or scholarships,  you must apply for financial aid/scholarships at the time of admission.

Priority consideration is given to those who complete their application and financial aid forms by January 15. We will continue to accept applications, however, as long as there are openings in the class.

International Scholarships and Financial Aid

International Scholarships

Lawrence is committed to assisting international students financially, but funding is limited. Applicants are most competitive for admission if they can contribute $20,000 USD per academic year toward the cost of attendance. Scholarships vary in amounts from $5,000-$38,000 USD per year you are attending Lawrence University. Once you have been awarded your scholarship, you cannot lose it.

Last year, the average scholarship for international students was approximately $19,000 USD. The average financial aid award (which includes scholarships and employment), was approximately $22,000 USD.

You must apply for scholarships and/or financial aid alongside your application for admission. 

Types of International Aid

Merit-based scholarships:

Merit-based scholarships range between $5,000-$22,000 USD per year at Lawrence University. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate high academic achievement.

Need-based grants (scholarships):

Need-based grants are scholarships awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Grants range between $5,000-$38,000 USD per year at Lawrence University."

All international students must complete the appropriate steps below at the time of application. 

1. Complete the Lawrence Certification of Finance Form
  • Within 24 hours of submitting your application for admission, you will receive an "Application Celebration" email with login and password information for your online application status portal. When logging in, the certification of finance form will be available on your application checklist. You must complete the financial aid forms no later than five days after the application deadline.
  • All international applicants must complete this form, regardless of their interest in applying for financial aid.
2. Provide supporting financial documents (can be uploaded to your financial aid/certification of finance form)
  • A bank statement signed by a bank official showing available funds
  • A letter or other documentation from an employer verifying income
  • Letter of financial support from sponsor program or loan agency
  • Any combination of the above. (If you have further documentation beyond any of these which may help us make a proper assessment, we welcome the opportunity to review it.)

We accept attested (copied and notarized) and/or faxed copies of financial documents. However, if you are admitted, we require that you mail us the original document(s) as well as an English translation. We reserve the right to request all originals at any stage in the admissions process.

You may email documents to

U.S. Citizens Abroad

Lawrence offers a variety of scholarships based on academic or musical achievements. Most scholarships range from $5,000 USD to $20,000 USD per year. You will automatically be considered for scholarships when you apply for admission and will be notified at the time of admission of any awards you have received.

U.S. Financial Aid Checklist


Language Assistant Program

Native and native-like speakers of the six modern languages taught at Lawrence (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) are eligible to be selected as Language Assistants for the language department during their junior or senior years. Language Assistants are responsible for assisting the department in a variety of ways, including conducting conversational practice, tutoring, and cultural education. The individual departments make final selection of the assistants.

2015-16 Educational Budget

Tuition and Fees: $43,440 USD
Average Room and Board: $9,210 USD
Fees: $300 USD
Estimated Other Costs*: $5,600 USD
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance: $58,550 USD

*International flight, insurance, books, personal expenses

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