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  • Hosted an Ecolympics competition - all residence halls were challenged to reduce their electricity usage
  • Installed informational signs in the Warch Campus Center to show off its sustainability features
  • Created a Green Living Guide for students. The Guide can be accessed in print and online
  • Created an online campus sustainability tour
  • Hosted a community read around the book "Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude" in partnership with the Fox Cities Book Festival
  • Cabinet endorsed a Solid Waste Management Policy for the university
  • Hosted Adonia Lugo, bicycle advocate and speaker, on campus
  • Standardized Interface Flooring as new campus standard


  • Founded the Sustainability Steering Committee
  • 6 hand dryers were installed in the Warch Campus Center to reduce waste
  • Phoebe Eisenbeis '21 received funding from the Student Sustainability Fund to manage an urban garden
  • Tannar MacArthur '20 received funding from the Student Sustainability Fund to spend his summer working in "A Slugger's Paradise"
  • Erik Nordstrum '19 received funding from the Student Sustainability Fund to help manage the Sustainable University Garden and create a SLUG Weed Guide to help future volunteers maintain the garden
  • Sarah Woody '19 received funding from the Student Sustainability Fund to explore the other living things in the SLUG Garden. She created a SLUG Biodiversity Index which ponders the question "how do humans and wildlife interact within the garden ecosystem?"
  • Travis Charlow '18 received funding from the Student Sustainability fund to conduct waste audits which revealed that in some buildings Lawrence's waste/recycling contamination rate exceeded 50%. The Sustainability Steering Committee purchased new trash and recycling bins for all major campus buildings to help solve this problem, much thanks to Travis' research. Read Travis's full report here

Graph of Trash in Recycling, Graph of Recycling in Trash. The amount of Trash in Recycling in Youngchild hall decreased from 27% to 4%Prior to 2017

  • 305 acres of the Björklunden property are protected from future development or subdivision by a conservation easement (2016)
  • A reusable clamshell program was launched allowing members of the Lawrence Community to take food outside of the dining room. the reusable container can be exchanged for a clean one with each trip to the Commons or Cafe (2015)
  • LUCC established the Environmental Sustainability Fund to fund infrastructural projects that would decrease the carbon footprint of the campus (2012)
  • A 20-kilowatt solar panel unit is installed on the roof of Hiett Hall (2011)
  • A 120-foot tall, 50-kilowatt wind turbine was assembled and installed at Björklunden (2011)
  • A 2.92-kilowatt solar unit is installed on the roof of Youngchild Hall (2010)
  • Warch Campus Center is certified as a LEED Gold Building, complete with a green roof! (2009)

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