Please note: The information displayed here is current as of Thursday, July 27, 2017, but the official Course Catalog should be used for all official planning.

2016-2017 Course Catalog

Required for the interdisciplinary area in international studies

  1. One six-unit course in a language other than English beyond the level required for completion of Lawrence's language requirement.
  2. GOV 140 or GOV 150. Students should fulfill this requirement in the freshman or sophomore year. Juniors are discouraged from taking GOV 140, and the course is closed to seniors without the consent of instructor.
  3. At least four six-unit courses, from at least three different departments, that embody international and/or cross-cultural context and that can be shown by the student to conform to a coherent design, either regional or thematic in nature. The student must present a clear articulation of the design either during a culminating conversation between the student and the Interdisciplinary Area Advisory Committee or in some other suitable context—e.g., an advanced-level seminar in international studies, when such an offering is available.
  4. Notification of the faculty advisor by the first Friday of Term III of intention to complete the IA in the current academic year.

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