To nominate a teacher, you must be a graduating senior who attended school in Wisconsin, and your nominee must teach at a Wisconsin middle or high school (public or private). You and the teacher, if selected, must attend the Baccalaureate ceremony in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel on Saturday, June 8, at 10:30 a.m. to noon, and are encouraged to attend the picnic and concert on the Main Hall Green after the ceremony.

Enter your nomination below.  If your teacher is selected as a finalist, the committee may contact you for more information.

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Write or paste your nomination in the box below.  Write as if the nomination were being read to the audience at the Baccalaureate ceremony.  In your nomination, introduce the teacher and describe how they:
- create a sense of excitement for and enthusiasm about learning;
- actively engage students and motivate them to do their best work;
- contribute to the well-being of their school and its community; and
- are committed to the personal growth of their students.
Include clear examples to illustrate the teacher's excellence and how they made a difference in your life as a person and/or a student.

Please read your nomination carefully before pressing the Submit button below. Once you submit this form, you cannot make changes.

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